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Beck Solutions, LLC is a full-service custom software agency.  We provide professional software solutions and website designs that allow you to level up your business.

Our Process



We ask questions to better understand your business’ brand, goals, project expectations, and desired outcomes. We sign the project contract, you submit your deposit, and we officially onboard you to our family.


Design Concept

We brainstorm to align our creative minds. Based on direction from you, we develop a full design concept that visually expresses your business’ core message. We work hand-in-hand to ensure alignment.



You approve the design concept and we work with you to turn it into a comprehensive website that meets your business needs. We also make room for revisions to take place here too.


Test and Train

We triple-check your software design, content, and functionality in order to prepare for launch day. We also schedule a training session to get you prepared to easily access and update your site.


Final Evaluation

We invite you to participate in a design retrospective where we ask for feedback on the quality of our work, our communication, and your overall level of satisfaction with your final product.

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